Will you survive this infernal bloody zombie's lunch?




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Zombpocalypse is a thrilling action game that will make you to take the best out of you to survive in a world full of zombies who want to kill you and have a good bloody meal.

You can play the game in two different modes: top view or first person throughout all the seven levels of the game. The name of the levels will give you an idea of how bloody the game is:

- Wade the murky sewer waters

- Find out what goes bump... the subways

- Stay alive in the city back streets

- Take a walk in the courtyard, it may be your last

- The warehouse has one way has one way in/out good luck

- Watch your back in this ghost town

- The trains aren't running, but you should

The goal in all the levels is to annihilate all the zombies who try to kill you. You can use a wide range of weapons, from a baseball bat to a bazooka, passing by the grenades, flamethrower, machine gun and more powerful weapons. But don't think that all those weapons will be enough to kill all those zmombies, you'll have to be fast and evasive, because they are a lot and they want to eat you.

How many zombies will you have to kill? Just have a look at the bar in the right side, when the zombie marker reaches the top of the bar the nightmare will be finished.

Choose the correct weapon for each time, depending on the number of zombies and their position. When you'll see a new weapon appear in the level, remember their position because they'll appear again and again in the same place.

Zombpocalypse is amazing, you'll enter in a battle that will keep you hours and hours trying to finish all the zombies.
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